About Us

Welcome to Indobamboo. We are a bamboo laminate manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia. We don’t only produce bamboo laminate, we work directly with 600 Indonesian bamboo farmers to source our raw materials directly. We work hard to ensure happy farmers, happy bamboo forests AND happy customers.

Our product

We are the first strand-woven high pressure bamboo laminate manufacturer in Indonesia. We supply a uniquely long bamboo laminate for our clients to use as parquet flooring, walling, furniture dimension lumber and typical construction dimensional lumber.

We offer domestic and international partners an ecologically  green alternative for an array of building products requirements.

Bamboo in the Indobamboo factory

Why should you choose Indobamboo?

  1. We follow a strict community based forestry policy, so poor farmers get richer, not poorer from working with us. A rare thing these days.
  2. We understand bamboo and give very clear quality specifications in our product information kit to clients, of which can be checked/audited by  our clients as needs be.
  3. We have a proven system that ensures a triple bottom line approach to our business, meaning we do good for the social bottom line, the economic bottom line and the ecological bottom line.
  4. Our product is the densest strand-woven product in the world.
  5. We pride ourselves in our flexibility in our specifications- a serious advantage over other suppliers. We can make the densest laminate you need but we can also make a very low density block for furniture manufacturers that need workability. We give small video presentations on all our typical customization options so it is easy for our clients to understand what is possible.

I’m interested. How do I find out more?

Please contact our sales team at: sales@indobamboo.com

Indobamboo-why bamboo