Our Bamboo Forests & Communities


We in Indonesia need to reforest over 60 million hectares of degraded land. Bamboo is a key part of the solution for reforesting the degraded lands of Indonesia.

Bamboo forests have huge benefits for the environment:

  1. A bamboo clump is a water holding tank of the topsoil, sustaining all the components of the living ecosystem around it because of its water holding capacity. One bamboo clump holds over 5000 liters of water.
  2. The bamboo industry in Indonesia has the ability to absorb 100 megatons of carbon per annum. 50 tons of carbon dioxide absorbed per hectare of bamboo per year.
  3. Bamboo can yield up to 50 tons of product per hectare per year.Timber plantations can only yield about 30-40 tons  per hectare maximum.

Bamboo forest in Indonesia managed by Indobamboo

At Indobamboo, we feel it is our responsibility to significantly contribute and be involved with the management of the bamboo forests and the communities supplying our materials. We do this through our Sustainable Bamboo Forests program or Program Hutan Bambu Lestari. The Hutan Bambu Lestari program has received a very enthusiastic response from the local government and local communities.

Flores bamboo farmer

The program includes:

  1. Leasing of bamboo clumps and partnerships (MOU) between the bamboo owners and Indobamboo.
  2. Supporting nurseries and fertilizing so bamboo grows faster and thrives
  3. Providing training programs for the local community about the characteristics of bamboo, harvesting and cultivating techniques, the utilization of bamboo (leaf and root branch).
  4. Business development for community-based craft and housing enterprises

Bamboo delivery truck