The Factory

The Indobamboo Workshop (Highres)We are a bamboo laminate manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia. We are the first strand-woven high-pressure bamboo laminate manufacturer in Indonesia, supplying our clients with a uniquely long bamboo laminate that can be used for parquet flooring, walling, furniture production and for general construction needs.

Bamboo drying process at IndobambooWe were established in 2009 and are based in Bali, where we have a state of the art factory. We employ over 100 people and use technology and machinery direct from USA to combine the best of both worlds.

Bamboo flooring by IndobambooNot only do we provide an amazing product using cutting edge technology, we know exactly where it comes from.  We work closely with communities and bamboo farmers across Indonesia to make sure they are also reaping the economic and environmental benefits of bamboo.

bamboo seedlings and farmers