Bamboo rangers in The Jakarta Post

bamboo ranger

The Jakarta Post recently ran an article on a new program working to develop Bali’s bamboo industry to cope with the demand for good quality bamboo.

Indobamboo founder Arief Rabik was interviewed as a key member of the initiative:

The term ‘€œbamboo rangers’€ was first coined by Arief Rabik, an activist, entrepreneur and owner of a Bali-based bamboo lamination factory, Indobamboo.

However, the lack of consistent bamboo supply and quality has forced Arief to source the material from Flores Island to get the right quality for his strand-woven bamboo, which is put under 4800-ton pressure to strengthen it like wood.

‘€œIn Bali, it’€™s hard to get 150 stems of petung of the necessary quality daily for six days a week,’€ said Arief, who founded the Bambu Lestari Foundation and has written a book titled Menuju Perhutanan Bambu yang Tangguh (Toward perpetual bamboo forests).

Bali’€™s bamboo demand remains high. Industry Ministry data in 2010 showed Bali consumed 2 million bamboo stems for ceremonies and furniture.