Proud member of the Indonesian delegation to COP21 2015

Arief Rabik as part of Indonesian delegation to COP21

Last year, Indobamboo founder Arief Rabik had the great honor of being part of Indonesia’s delegation to COP21 in Paris, France. Presenting on behalf of the Environmental Bamboo Foundation (sister organization to Indobamboo), Arief spoke on the importance of Indonesia in contributing to the global supply of bamboo and how valuable this industry is to slowing the effects of climate change.

Indonesia is committed to playing an important role in global climate change mitigation. At a time when the world is trying to disconnect economic development from automatic and increasing carbon emissions, it must look to the 3 lungs of the world to maximize the easiest and most effective and natural way to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. That is photosynthesis.

Arief Rabik presenting at COP21

In this presentation the Environmental Bamboo Foundation and the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry have teamed up to build the case for bamboo becoming one of Indonesia’s carbon sequestration champions. This presentation reviews the challenges Indonesia had and faces in mitigating climate change. It also offers a model of community based bamboo forestry, proposing a plan to create 1,000 centres of excellence in “bamboo villages”.  These Bamboo Villages already exist and have lived with bamboo for centuries. Traditionally they use bamboo as an integral part of their life and culture and merely need support to develop this relationship into a viable and sustainable mid level industrial scale.

To download the entire presentation, please click here.