Regreening Bali’s exhausted land with bamboo

Regreening Bali Video

The Bali Spirit Foundation and The Environmental Bamboo Foundation (sister organization to Indobamboo) have joined forces to help regreen some of Bali’s most damaged land on the slopes of Mt Batur.

This essential project provides resources and volunteer support for the planting of much needed bamboo trees to restore the forest canopy, revitalize the ecology, and bring relief to villagers who have had to cope with a harsh climate, worsened by natural and human-caused desertification.


Objective: The plan is to plant ‘shelter belts’ of bamboo trees along dry hillsides to create enough shade and wind protection to restore the local’s ecosystem and recapture much needed moisture for other plants and wildlife to grow.


Why Bamboo?: Two of the strongest varieties of bamboo — Bamboo Tutul (Bambusa Maculata) and Bamboo Duri (Bambusa Blumeana) are known to be durable and drought-resistant enough to establish a shelter-belt in dry conditions. According to Arief Rabik, Coordinator of the EBF, the shelter belts are to be planted in phases. Bamboo trees are also fast-growing and tall.