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Bamboo rangers in The Jakarta Post

bamboo ranger

The Jakarta Post recently ran an article on a new program working to develop Bali’s bamboo industry to cope with the demand for good quality bamboo. Indobamboo founder Arief Rabik was interviewed as a key member of the initiative: The term ‘€œbamboo rangers’€ was first coined by Arief Rabik, an activist, entrepreneur and owner of a Bali-based bamboo lamination factory, Indobamboo. However, the lack of consistent …

Proud member of the Indonesian delegation to COP21 2015

Arief Rabik as part of Indonesian delegation to COP21

Last year, Indobamboo founder Arief Rabik had the great honor of being part of Indonesia’s delegation to COP21 in Paris, France. Presenting on behalf of the Environmental Bamboo Foundation (sister organization to Indobamboo), Arief spoke on the importance of Indonesia in contributing to the global supply of bamboo and how valuable this industry is to slowing the effects of climate change. Indonesia is committed to playing an …

Bamboo and why it matters to Bali

Arief Rabik

Indobamboo founder and CEO Arief Rabik was recently interviewed by Ubud Now and Then. Topics covered included his family’s long connection with bamboo and sustainability, his own passions as an environmental scientist, and his belief that Indonesian is the future of global bamboo production. On the history of bamboo in Bali: The versatility of bamboo is its strength. A farmer and his family can weave the …