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Corporate sustainability

What sustainability means to us

Indobamboo products are designed to provide an environmentally and socially sustainable alternative to wood products. To minimize our impact on the environment, we only source bamboo harvested from areas managed sustainably by our partner non-profit organization, Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF). The foundation is registered under Indonesian law as Yayasan Bambu Lestari and has been active in bamboo agroforestry in Indonesia for over 20 years.

Indobamboo has a commitment to environmentally friendly production and recovers as much waste as possible in order to reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

People & Planet

With the Environmental Bamboo Foundation partnership, Indobamboo can guarantee that the raw materials it purchases are planted and harvested sustainably. We can also guarantee the bamboo farmers are fairly compensated and that we contribute to building rural economies.

Waste Sawdust

Our community partners